Monday, March 14, 2016

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Tuesday 3-15-16

 By: Min. Cozmo El

 About This Book:

     What exactly is a blackamoor? The black seems obvious but what of the Moor in this forgotten compound word which was of great use long not so long ago? More importantly, why should anyone care about it's definition? 

This word is of enormous significance when it comes to the identity of the population of ex-slaves in the Americas and the world over. There are those in the so-called conscious community that go to great lengths to discredit Moorish perspectives on the history an identity of the descendants of ex-slaves in the United States. 

The information in this writing aims to aid those interested in the subject with sound historical facts whereby one may derive a coherent understanding of the usage of the term Moor and it's relation to the people known as "black" today. 

There are numerous books written on the word Moor so we shall not run the risk of sounding redundant or repetitive, we shall include only a necessary small section of the classic definition and instead seek highlight the concrete connections between past and present word Moor and also the people.